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For many, securing an MBA is more than just a milestone in educational attainment—it’s a gateway to career advancement, new opportunities, and personal growth. But as tuition costs reach astronomical heights, finding financial assistance is crucial. Enter the world of MBA Fellowship Programs. Not only do these programs offer much-needed financial relief, but they also connect students with unparalleled networking opportunities, mentorship, and career placements. This article explores the top 20 MBA fellowship programs that can pave the way to landing your dream job.

Top 20 MBA Fellowship Programs

Here’s a look at some of the top MBA fellowship programs you should consider:

1. Forté Fellows Program

The Forté Foundation focuses on empowering women in business.

  • Eligibility: This fellowship is available to women pursuing an MBA at a partner school.
  • Benefits:
    • Access to exclusive job fairs and leadership conferences
    • Networking with a community of women in business
    • Financial support and access to internship opportunities

2. Consortium for Graduate Study in Management

The Consortium aims to increase the representation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans in business.

  • Eligibility: Membership in a Consortium partner school.
  • Benefits:
    • Full-tuition fellowship opportunities
    • Access to the Consortium’s flagship Orientation Program & Career Forum
    • Networking with a diverse and supportive community

3. Toigo Fellowship

The Robert Toigo Foundation focuses on underrepresented minorities aiming for leadership roles in finance.

  • Eligibility: Minority students enrolled in an MBA program.
  • Benefits:
    • Professional development workshops
    • Access to the Toigo Alumni Network
    • Scholarships and internships

4. Reaching Out MBA Fellowship (ROMBA)

ROMBA supports LGBTQ MBA students.

  • Eligibility: LGBT students enrolled in an MBA program at a partner school.
  • Benefits:
    • Scholarships and financial assistance
    • Networking events and leadership summits
    • Career resources and mentorship opportunities

5. Peace Corps Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program

Catering to returned Peace Corps volunteers, this fellowship aims to extend their service through higher education.

  • Eligibility: Returned Peace Corps volunteers.
  • Benefits:
    • Financial aid and scholarships
    • Career opportunities in public service
    • Ongoing community service projects

6. Kellogg Scholarship

The Kellogg School of Management offers a range of scholarships for exceptional students.

  • Eligibility: Admitted Kellogg students with strong academic and professional backgrounds.
  • Benefits:
    • Full or partial tuition awards
    • Networking with Kellogg’s extensive alumni network
    • Special career services

7. The Zell Fellows Program

Focused on entrepreneurial leadership, the Zell Fellows Program is tailored for students committed to launching ventures.

  • Eligibility: Enrolled MBA students at Northwestern.
  • Benefits:
    • Seed funding for entrepreneurial ventures
    • Access to mentorship and an advisory board
    • Intensive leadership training and workshops

8. Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Program

Designed for students pursuing a flexible and interdisciplinary MBA, the Javits Fellowship offers financial and academic support.

  • Eligibility: Graduate students in a field related to the humanities, arts, and social sciences.
  • Benefits:
    • Financial support covering tuition and living expenses
    • Exposure to interdisciplinary studies
    • Networking with a diverse group of fellows

9. Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholars

This fellowship focuses on developing future global leaders through graduate-level education at Stanford.

  • Eligibility: Open to students from all Stanford graduate schools.
  • Benefits:
    • Full funding for graduate study
    • Leadership development program
    • Global networking opportunities

10. McKinsey Emerging Scholars Program

Non-consultant McKinsey fellows receive financial support and opportunities to intern at McKinsey.

  • Eligibility: Enrolled MBA students at partner schools.
  • Benefits:
    • Financial support and scholarships
    • Guaranteed internship opportunities at McKinsey
    • Mentorship from McKinsey consultants

11. Berkeley Haas Fellowships

The Berkeley Haas School of Business offers diverse fellowship programs to attract top talent.

  • Eligibility: Admitted Haas students showcasing leadership and academic excellence.
  • Benefits:
    • Various fellowship opportunities with financial support
    • Personalized career coaching
    • Networking with industry leaders

12. Harvard Business School Fellowships

HBS offers numerous fellowships to alleviate financial pressure and diversify the student body.

  • Eligibility: Admitted HBS students.
  • Benefits:
    • Substantial financial aid
    • Dedicated career and mentorship resources
    • Access to a vast alumni network

13. Jenkins MBA Fellowships

The North Carolina State University Jenkins MBA Program offers competitive fellowship opportunities.

  • Eligibility: Enrolled Jenkins MBA students demonstrating leadership potential.
  • Benefits:
    • Financial aid and scholarships
    • Access to exclusive career services
    • Opportunities for research and development projects

14. The State Farm Business Leaders Fellowship

Focused on cultivating future leaders in business through academic and professional support.

  • Eligibility: MBA students aiming for careers in leadership.
  • Benefits:
    • Financial support and scholarships
    • Internships and job placements at State Farm
    • Leadership development workshops

15. MBA Military Veterans Fellowship

Dedicated to supporting military veterans transitioning into business leadership roles.

  • Eligibility: MBA students with military service.
  • Benefits:
    • Financial aid and scholarships
    • Career services tailored to veterans
    • Networking with fellow veterans in business

16. The Rhodes Scholarships for US Students

Though traditionally for Study at Oxford, Rhodes Scholarships for MBAs are pertinent for leadership-focused students.

  • Eligibility: US citizens or permanent residents.
  • Benefits:
    • Full funding for study at Oxford University
    • Leadership development workshops
    • Access to an international alumni network

17. DAAD Scholarships for MBA in Germany

Supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), these scholarships help international students pursue an MBA in Germany.

  • Eligibility: International students applying for an MBA in Germany.
  • Benefits:
    • Financial support for tuition and living expenses
    • Opportunities for research and internships in German industries
    • Networking with international business leaders

18. The Skoll Scholarship

Offered by the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford, this fellowship serves aspiring social entrepreneurs.

  • Eligibility: MBA students with a social entrepreneurship background.
  • Benefits:
    • Full tuition coverage
    • Mentorship and advisory support
    • Access to the Skoll World Forum and other networking events

19. Soros Fellowship for New Americans

This fellowship supports extraordinary immigrants and children of immigrants pursuing graduate education in the United States.

  • Eligibility: Naturalized US citizens, green card holders, or DACA recipients.
  • Benefits:
    • Financial aid and support
    • Networking opportunities with New American community leaders
    • Professional development workshops

20. INSEAD Diversity Scholarships

Focused on promoting diversity and inclusion at INSEAD, these scholarships attract global talent.

  • Eligibility: Admitted INSEAD students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Benefits:
    • Financial support for tuition
    • Career development resources
    • Networking with a diverse and international alumni network


Choosing the right MBA fellowship programs can be a game-changer, reducing financial strain while opening doors to unparalleled career opportunities. Whether you seek financial support, networking, or professional development, there’s likely a fellowship tailored to your unique background and aspirations. As you consider your MBA journey, explore these top 20 MBA fellowship programs to find the perfect match that aligns with your career goals. Your dream job could be just a fellowship away!

The right fellowship can transform your MBA experience, providing the financial support and professional connections needed to achieve your career dreams.

Feel free to dive deeper into each of these programs to identify the best fit for you. By leveraging these opportunities, you’ll be well on your way to making your MBA journey not just educational, but truly transformational.

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